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I have now read so many news forwarded by the obviously experienced excellent radiation scientist Christina MacPherson, but I have refrained from commenting on any one. But now I ask, who this person is. I believe, that not even Greenpeace is as stupid as she is. Who pays her, how much does she earn from her stupid comments, which organisation stands behind her?

To me it seems, that even Chris Busby did not write such nonsense - and you know he wrote a lot of it.  

If there would not be the high possibility that people believe what she writes I would laugh wholeheartedly at this nonsense - maybe also because I have been working in environmental surveillance for some thirty years and therefore recognize all the pitfalls, this "expert" has fallen in. He is not an amateur, but simply unknowing, uneducated and infected with megalomania, because he believes he is an expert. You do not become an expert by buying or loaning some unsuitable equipment, holding it to an undefined sample, note some numbers seen on the display and stating, that the numbers represent directly the "contamination" originating thousands of kilometers (or miles if you US citizens prefer it) away.

I am sorry, but I do not want to waste my time on commenting on the film, because practically everything is not only ridiculous, but simply wrong. There has been a tremendous amount of nonsense in Austrian papers about Fukushima, but what is shown in the film and what this McPherson writes all the time is orders of magnitude worse. 

I have been banned a few times from RADSAFE, because of being frank and honest in my writing - also about Chris Busby. I have been put under "supervision" - which means in plain text "censorship". How humiliating for a scientist! But now I am so angry, that I will speak out about one fact, whatever the consequences will be: I am tired to read as a scientist with decades of experience the y is saaccusations of charlatans, their distribution by the mass media, searching for horror stories -whether radon, nuclear power, repositories or etc. Even "not opposing nuclear power" is regarded by the average Austrian massmedia as a crime. Political and human animosities, which I never had believed to still exist after so many decades after separation between Austria, Slovakia and the Czech Republic were and still are put forward (Greenpeace is very active doing that....). Hungary is left out from bashing though they have also at Paks a nuclear power plant. Why? Most probably because Austrians have more sympathy for Hungarians? I too have,  because of a nice (female) friend, but a lot of other male and female friends, who have a high degree of knowledge in our profession. How is it possible that "personal sympathy" is the decisive point, whether nuclear power in another country is safe????????

The multinational profit company Greenpeace is hailed as the saviour of the live of the human race, animals, the seas and finally the planet. It is disgusting to be censored when speaking up, which is usually the case in totalitarian countries. Why is not possible to speak out on RADSAFE, what in my opinion the absólute majority of RADSAFErs thinks? I am also tired of explaining the errors or in most cases even deliberate falsification of facts and to discuss them on RADSAFE - simply it is hopeless to convince those people that they are wrong. We had at RADSAFE during the last years many such cases, where many participants explained the science behind some phenomena and the "trolls" did not only insist on their opinion but kept us busy by bringing forward new "questions". 

Last point: A rather long time ago I announced on RADSAFE, that I would ask my family doctor about  his opinion about an outstanding Raman-spectroscopist and his behaviour like always claiming that authorities are cheating about measurement results, that they downplay  risks and consequences, putting forward measurement results not even made by him, but he never revealed where they ´had been measured. I also told him, that this person has no experience or education in this field, that he earns money with his claims, etc. etc. (Read the Raman-spectroscopists past posts to RADSAFE if interested.) In my query I tried to be as neutral as possible and my doctor has no knowledge about those topics, except X-ray radiography of humans. He explained to me that my right knee is in an almost hopeless condition. He responded immediately with his diagnosis of the Raman spectoscopist:: "Paranoia". This applies to many other persons involved in the antinuclear movement  and for instance this MacPherson is an excellent candidate. (I do not deny that it may also apply to persons in the pro nuclear area.....) BTW this is not any negative and humiliating comment because according to statistics recently released more than 30% (or was it 40?) of the Austrian population would need some psychiatric or at least psychologic help.

RADSAFErs, Sorry to have bothered you with my deep frustration, but I believe that there must be many on the list who share my concerns and opinions. Hope to hear from you!



---- Roger Helbig <rwhelbig at gmail.com> schrieb:
> The perils of amateur fanatics with Geiger counters and the internet
> blasting their false assertions around the world.  We all must be
> glowing in the dark by now.
> Roger Helbig
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> Christina MacPherson posted: "ABQ NM rain fallout test
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N2zkf4C6tpc&feature=share   Aug 9, 2012
> Tested an overnight rain shower around 1am 8-7-2012 In Albuquerque NM, west
> of the Airport. This is normal monsoon moisture. 11:05 1st 10 min test"
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> VIDEO: Albuquerque rain radiation fallout test
> by Christina MacPherson
> ABQ NM rain fallout test
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N2zkf4C6tpc&feature=share   Aug 9, 2012
> Tested an overnight rain shower around 1am 8-7-2012 In Albuquerque NM, west
> of the Airport. This is normal monsoon moisture. 11:05 1st 10 min test ends
> with a reading of 567.0 12:30 2nd test begins with a quick spot average of
> 715 cpm 2nd ten min
> test concludes with a Whopping 671.7 !
> Comments ( mrjoeman )
> Wow ! those readings are insane ! I live in Vancouver BC just across
> the Pacific from Japan and my daily readings have been only 270 - 300
> CPM (10 min) of background the last four months. My rainwater readings
> have been only slightly higher than background with a few spikes 3X
> background back in May. Does NM have much Radon gas? Are you
> downstream of Nuclear Plants. Thanks for posting your vid.
> If it was from the granite it wouldn't be coming down in the rain.
> This has to be fallout from a nuke plant nearby or Fukushima coming
> in on the jet stream.
> Redawgy in reply to mrjoeman (Show the comment) 6 hours ago
> holy smokes that is HOT, as in nuclear waste.
> Redawgy 6 hours ago
> stupid tablet.....
> Is there any way you can post what the numbers mean?
> jrruper1 23 hours ago
> Any way you that you can link what the numbers mean?
> Thanks for stepping up and posting your results.
> jrruper1 23 hours ago
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