[ RadSafe ] Looking for information on soil contamination

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Hi, Harry.

Just out of curiosity, why would you ever decon people and equipment
over soil, rather than on a surface that can be itself be easily
deconed, or easily removed?  If you are cleaning up heavy vehicles in
the field you might need to bury your surface under a foot or so of sand
to keep it from getting damaged, but it can be done.  I live in
confidence that it will be cheaper to prevent the spread of
contamination to the soil column than it will be to clean it up.  

And posting it as a "Contaminated Area" just means the cleanup will be
bigger and vastly more expensive when it is eventually required.  

The Navy realized some time ago that control is WAY cheaper and easier
than cleanup.

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I've been asked to gather information on how other organizations
evaluate the potential for soil contamination to result in removable
contamination on persons and equipment.  In other words, what criteria
are being used to determine when an area of soil contamination must be
posted as a Contamination Area?


We are particularly interested in the Army, Navy, and Air Force
approach, however all replies are helpful.


Please contact me directly with a quick note about what you do, at
H.Anagnostopoulos at nv.doe.gov.


Thanks in advance,


-          Harry



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