[ RadSafe ] More Cloning, Shroud, Etc.

JPreisig at aol.com JPreisig at aol.com
Wed Dec 26 02:02:09 CST 2012

Dear Radsafe,
     I hope you all are well.
     Was watching a TV (USA) show this evening about  some fellow trying to 
use the Shroud of Turin
to develop a good image of the person who had been buried in the shroud  
     Perhaps we scientists can do a bit better  nowadays.
     The shroud has blood on it in fair  quantities.  If the blood was 
still alive, scientists might possibly 
clone the original being from the live blood.
     Secondly, the DNA itself should eventually yield  ALL??? the 
characteristics of the person who had
been buried in the shroud.  Hair color, length of nose, eye color,  
height???, weight???, characteristics
of the various body organs, susceptibility to various cancers???,. and so  
on.  Wonder if the keepers of
the shroud would allow scientists to take enough blood for a modern  
     And perhaps someday, once the exact structure,  composition etc. of 
the DNA is known,
one might someday construct a person from the DNA.  Certainly this  would 
be quite a difficult
undertaking.  Would the result of this work be Jesus???
    Could we someday construct dinosaurs from total  knowledge of their 
    Have a good week at work or at home.
    Regards,   Joe Preisig

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