[ RadSafe ] Legal Complaint of Navy Sailors

Roger Helbig rwhelbig at gmail.com
Sun Dec 30 04:16:13 CST 2012

The lawyer could use a lot more education.  In addition to citing such
eminent experts as Ernest Sternglass and Arnold Gundersen and using
ENENews as if it were a peer reviewed scientific publication instead
of an on-line anti-nuclear screed, he makes the following statement on
page 8 of the complaint:

"39.  Radiation does not readily break down and biodegrade in the
ground or water or apparatus exposed to it.  Research now shows that
it will persist in the environment for decades, since it has a
half-life in excess of 77 years, far longer than the life expectancy
of humans exposed to it."

This makes it pretty clear that this hot shot lawyer does not have a
clue what he is talking about.

Roger Helbig

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