[ RadSafe ] TEPCO Lawsuits

enielsen at elmore.rr.com enielsen at elmore.rr.com
Mon Dec 31 10:11:15 CST 2012

The unfortunate state of our (US) legal and social system has resulted in the proverbial "Lawsuit Lottery".

Anyone can sue anyone for anything. Frivolous and/or baseless lawsuits that have no repercussions for the filer or attorney so "why not?". If you throw enough s%$t against the wall some is bound to stick and the lawyers will scrape their 20-30% off the top.

Tort reform needs to create a "cost" to file such a lawsuit. Then and only then can those truly aggrieved receive their day in court.

Erik Nielsen

U.S.A.: There is one lawyer for every 265 Americans. 
Japan: There is one lawyer for every 8,195 Japanese.
South Korea: There is one lawyer for every 15,748 Koreans.

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