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albitization is common in parts of Sardinia. Albitization causes the
mobilization of rare-earths, thorium & uranium and other rock-forming
elements and trace elements which are subsequently remineralized and in
some cases form economic ore bodies. Albitization is the replacement of
Ca-feldspar with Na-feldspar  (CaAl2Si2O8 + 4SiO2 + 2Na+ =E2=86=92 2NaAlSi3=
O8 + Ca2+;
anorthite + quartz + sodium (in aqueous solution) =E2=86=92 albite + calciu=
m (in
aqueous solution) during which other rock components (REE, U, Th) are
mobilized. If the volume of rock undergoing albitization is large, then the
potential for the resulting solutions to form deposits (REE, U, Th) is also

A metasomatic process is the mass replacement of one mineral with another
in a rock. Albitization is a common form of metasomatism.

I think this is cherry picking... Thorium is commonly associated with
rare-earths; Cerium being the most abundant REE. Because of the geology, I
suspect that everyone in that particular region of Sardinia may, in fact,
have elevated body burdens of Cerium / Thorium due, in large part, to the
natural environment. So, picking "cancer victims" to describe body burdens
of Ce & Th is probably not statistically sound.  That said, technologically
elevated concentrations from previous mining may be present near abandoned

Rare-earths in Sardinia:

Daniela Medas, Rosa Cidu, Giovanni De Giudici, Francesca Podda
(2013), Rare-earth mining in Sardinia:Geochemistry of rare earth elements
in water and solid materials at abandoned mines in SW Sardinia
(Italy), Journal of Geochemical Exploration, Volume 133, October 2013,
Pages 149=E2=80=93159

G. CARCANGIU, M. PALOMBA AND M. TAMANIN (1997), REE-bearing minerals in the
albitites of central Sardina, Italy,  Mineralogical Magazine, April 1997,
Vol. 61, pp. 271-283

MARCELLA PALOMBA (2001), Geological, mineralogical, geochemical features
and genesis of the albitite deposits of Central Sardinia (Italy)

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> cancer victims
> "nuclear physicist Evandro Lodi Rizzini of Brescia University and CERN
> (European Organization for Nuclear Research" - This person seems to be
> legitimate scientist.  Is he?
> Roger Helbig
> Radioactive thorium 232 and cerium found in bodies of cancer victims
> by Christina MacPherson
> The nuclear physicist Evandro Lodi Rizzini of Brescia University and CERN
> (European Organization for Nuclear Research) found elevated levels of
> radioactive thorium 232 and cerium (proving that the thorium was man-made=
> in the tissues of 15 of 18 bodies of Quirra-area shepherds who died of
> cancer between 1995 and 2000.
> On March 24, 2012 Fiordalisi indicted twenty people on charges of "willfu=
> omission of precautions against injury and aggravated disasters or becaus=
> they falsely certified the absence of pollution with the aim to "hide the
> environmental disaster." The documents from Fiordalisi's investigation ha=
> now been turned over to a tribunal for prosecution. Read More Here...
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