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Mon Feb 6 12:55:50 CST 2012

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     Hey Radsafe folks,
           Hope you all  are well.  If you look at Fermilab's website, you 
should find information  about 
Fermilab's Plans for the Future.  Looks like some pretty interesting  
science.  Have a look.
          The following has a  bit to do with global warming, so I'll 
apologize in advance.   Kurt  Lambeck's
Second book (Geophysical Geodesy) has a nice plot (due to Barnett) of  
global sea level change from
about 1880 to 1980.  Global sea level during that time seems to be  
increasing rather linearly as a
function of time.  Perhaps this is due to global warming since  
You can look at the plot yourself, if you wish.
         Perhaps power utilities  (USA and elsewhere) should plan on 
various scenarios like
no population growth locally, some population growth or high population  
growth etc. in
planning for their projects for new construction.
         Have a great and safe work  week!!!!
         Regards,    Joseph R. (Joe) Preisig, PhD

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