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Dear Radsafe:
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     Hey all......
              This is off topic, but medically important so here it comes.
             My  apologies????!!!!
              Google news has an item today about Alzheimer's treatment 
using some  chemical.
      See the news item for details.  The  chemical clears plaques 
associated with Alzheimers
      from the brains of mice.  Nice work  being done here.
              Maybe someday Medical Doctors will do brain bypasses (like 
Heart bypasses  but
      more difficult/complex????).  Then  bioengineer a new skull top to 
allow extra room in the
      area of the brain where the surgery  occurred????
             I  doubt a lung body burden (Am, Pu, U etc.) would be 
responsible for  Alzheimers
      disease plaques.  Is Parkinson's  disease similar to Alzheimers??? 
--- plaques blocking
      brain blood vessels cause oxygen loss in the  brain.  As the result 
of this brain tissue and nerves
      in the brain start to die.  Thinking is  affected and also body motor 
controls (resulting
      in bodily tremors???).
      Have a good  weekend!!!!      Regards,   Joseph R.  (Joe) Preisig, PhD

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