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Dear D. North,
       MS, DABR,  Nice  Credentials....
       Enjoy your vacation.
       Medical Physics is tough --- how many  patients do you do dose 
planning for in a day???
       Quite a few, I'll bet.  Sure, you  are well paid also.
       Maybe you should apply for an HP job  at Brookhaven.  Kahnhauser and 
the other guys are
       pretty good to work for.   Benefits are good there.  HP 
professionals at BNL get 18 to 24 days
       vacation per year, and three days  annual leave.  The pension plan 
used to be vested after
       90 days of work.  Plus there are  Holidays off.  Long Island is 
pretty nice.
            Oh, many  of the HP Techs at BNL (Super Techs)  at Brookhaven 
have Masters  degrees
       also.  Being a Tech there is  pretty good also.
            If you  could get a job in the BNL Medical Division/Department, 
you could work on
        Boron Neutron Capture Therapy  and things like that.  Genome 
Mapping too.
           Please search  the radsafe archives for my many relevant 
HP/Radiation Safety posts.
           Joe Preisig,  BA, MS, MA, PhD
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Dear Radsafe:

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Hey all......

This is off topic, but medically important so here  it comes.
My   apologies????!!!!

Google news has an item today about Alzheimer's treatment 
using some   chemical.
See the news item for details.   The  chemical clears plaques 
associated with Alzheimers
from the brains of mice.  Nice work  being done  here.

Maybe someday  Medical Doctors will do brain bypasses (like 
Heart bypasses   but
more difficult/complex????).  Then   bioengineer a new skull top to 
allow extra room in the
area of the brain where the surgery  occurred????

I  doubt a lung body burden (Am,  Pu, U etc.) would be 
responsible for  Alzheimers
disease plaques.  Is Parkinson's  disease similar to  Alzheimers??? 
--- plaques blocking
brain blood  vessels cause oxygen loss in the  brain.  As the result 
of this  brain tissue and nerves
in the brain start to  die.  Thinking is  affected and also body motor 
controls  (resulting
in bodily tremors???).

Have a good  weekend!!!!      Regards,    Joseph R.  (Joe) Preisig, PhD

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