[ RadSafe ] Looking for Standards Related to testing Portable XRF Units

Peter Collopy chaosforthefuture at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 16 13:10:03 CST 2012

Looking for some help on assembling a list of standards and guides related to contruction and testing (mostly for dermining the radiation profile) for a handheld portable XRF units. So far I have located three (an ANSI, NBS and IEEE) in a web search but am sure there are many more. My main objective is to help out a client by determining the radiaiton (scatter) profile for a protoype device but they are also interested in any related international regs and guides that may have an impact on construction and distribution of the device. I have almost all of the US/State related regs so its mostly the ANSI, ISO, IEEE type guidance I am trying to compile.
Thanks in advance for info you can send or url leads. Send to me at my "chaos" address or peter.collopy at amec.com. Once I get a list together i'll re-post to radsafe (not sure if anyone wants a list but it will be there for future searches on xrfs).
Pete C

Peter Collopy, CIH, CHP, CSP 
San Diego CA

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