[ RadSafe ] Nuclear Risk in Perspective: Making Fact-Based EnergyChoices

Dahlskog, Leif Leif.Dahlskog at health.wa.gov.au
Thu Feb 16 18:57:23 CST 2012

The paper goes closer to laying out the risks of different power
generation options than many others I've read.  

But in my view it falls short of laying all the cards on the table.  I'd
like to see included estimate of deaths from uranium mining accidents,
estimate of deaths from radioactivity released from NPPs both in normal
operation and from the severe accidents using current LNT risk
estimates. ie from the full fuel cycle for the different power
generation technologies.

Anyone aware of any such papers.

Leif Dahlskog
Radiation Health Branch

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12/2011 Paper ... Little has changed.

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