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Tue Feb 21 14:39:12 CST 2012

Dear Radsafe:
    From:    _jpreisig at aol.com_ (mailto:jpreisig at aol.com)   .
    Hey all... In USA, until about June 21, 2012, it's  tornado season.
    There is a lively exchange between Dr. Raabe and Brodsky  in Health 
Physics (This month or the previous one???).  It is good  reading.
    A totally general state space model (Electronics  
Engineering/Mathematics terminology)
is both deterministic and stochastic, as I stated before in one of my  
previous radsafe posts.
Also, I remember seeing a quote similar to this --- the more we study and  
understand things, the more
deterministic they become.  So perhaps, in order to have just a  
deterministic model, or just a
stochastic model, one should prove somehow that one component is not  
      That being said, it appears that Dr. Raabe  has quite a severe and 
significant understanding
of Cancer.  Would you, kind sir, give us a short radfsafe discourse (3  to 
4 paragraphs) on
Cancer and your understanding of various cancers.  I know this is an  
imposition on your time,
but it might prove helpful to some of our younger Radsafe members.   Links 
would be helpful,
the short discourse would be better.  Thank You...
     I hope you all are having a wonderful week at  work.  Hope Europe and 
Colorado thaw out soon.
End of February is usually a bit warmer than winter.
    There is an article in Physics Today about Hess and his  measurements 
of cosmic rays
in Hydrogen balloons etc.  Some of his results are also in the book  
Accelerator Health Physics.
    Go out for a walk in the warmer  weather????    Make measurements of 
Radon in snow versus
No Snow in the near future???  Also see effects of rainfall on radon  
levels at ground level
(See Cember's HP book and Weiss's and other papers on this stuff).???
    Regards,    Joseph R. (Joe)Preisig,  PhD

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