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The issue as I see it (USA only, not the building going on in the rest of the world, i.e., China, India, etc.), is where are the workers going to come from, the construction workers (that will be a boon to the economy) but the professionals, the engineers, health physicists, all the individuals where attrition has been a factor and no new entrants into the job market, due to the nuclear hiatus. Many of the health physics programs are no longer in business, and those that are still offering programs, many are doing it through mechanical engineering programs. There is an estimated severe shortage of professional radiation protection specialists (as presented many times by Ralph Andersen, Nuclear Energy Institute. In addition to the staffing issues, what about all of the components needed, realizing that many of the manufacturing and parts companies closed don business when the USA ceased building new units after TMI. 

Georgia Power building 2 units is a good start, finally. Will the other utilities who talked about new units, I think they'll sit back and watch what happens, until there is more focus by the political systems as well as the financial systems.



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Hey Radsafe:
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     Hope you all are well.  So, for the next 5  years or so, will US energy/power companies sit back and watch the new Georgia nuclear reactors being built???  Or will  they get in on the Fun also and start to build their own reactors at the same time.????
    Boy, the US nuclear industry could really start moving  again, there could be many jobs for construction people, health physicists, nuclear engineers etc.
    What's going to happen????
     Regards,    Joseph R. (Joe)  Preisig, PhD
PS    It doesn't seem like a viable fusion energy/power  plant will come 
online in the next 5 years...
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