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Mon Jan 2 22:00:47 CST 2012

Hi Radsafe:
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     Hope you are well.
     I read on google news or whatever today that Iran  has or will be 
conducting mid-range rocket/
missile tests, and that, I think, the tests went well.  The news item  
specifically announced that these
missiles could reach Israel.  Whoa???!!!!  This is a bit radical  or 
     This news item is from a country that has  hundreds of centrifuges and 
a "civilian" nuclear power
program.  My Lord, such a country could possibly afford a suitcase  nuke 
(from the former USSR
if such nuke weapons actually exist) or a nuclear device purchased from  
North Korea or 
wherever.  We (USA) know Iranian scientists are capable of nuclear  weapon 
design.  Heck, students
at Princeton U. and elsewhere have presented fundamental designs for  
working (???)
rudimentary fission devices.
      Is a first strike event scheduled for Israel  (Tel Aviv or some other 
major city????) to occur in the
next few minutes or few weeks????  Multiple such missiles and nuclear  
devices could level most 
of the major cities in Israel...Quickly!!!!   I'm not Jewish or  Israeli, 
but maybe it is time for Team
Obama (USA) to do something a bit radical here.
     My suggestion is to give Iran fair warning of 5  days to get their 
workers away from the
centrifuge facility and/or nuclear plant(s).  Then, the USA and/or  allies 
should drop bunker
buster bombs (delivered by planes???), conventional explosive warheads  
delivered via cruise missiles,
or conventional explosive warheads via ICBM's.  This action should be  
considered now.  At the 
very least, diplomatic channels between the USA (and allies) and Iran  
should be wide open
right now.  I hope USA intelligence is on this problem right  now.
     Is World War III imminent???  Will the  Mayan's be right about the 
world ending in 2012, for a 
reason different from what they envisioned????  Is the Bulletin of  Atomic 
Scientist's clock set
to one minute before Midnight (or whatever) right now????
    I'm a bit fearful for any citizen of Israel right now  and I am dead 
f____g serious about the 
words I have written here.  Somebody needs to act soon.
    I truly wonder if the Russians or Chinese would react if  we destroyed 
these Iranian facilities with
no loss of life.  I don't know the answer.
    Regards,     Joseph R. (Joe)  Preisig, PhD

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