[ RadSafe ] FYI: Al Jazeera, Fallujah, and DU

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What a "silly" question? This would undermine their credibility, diminish their funds and most of all their credibility which might be direct proportional to their funding...... I might sympathize with a few (only a few!) thoughts of those people, for instance whether the destruction of Fallujah was justified (no it was not), but the question of DU might be silly taking into consideration the overall casualities.  Those so-called NGO's seem to have their own agenda - funds. 

Sorry if I have offended someone - discussion welcome.


---- Steven Dapra <sjd at swcp.com> schrieb:
> Jan. 9
>          Could it be (no, no, no) that the anti-DU partisans do not 
> want to know the plain unvarnished truth?
> Steven Dapra
> At 04:20 PM 1/9/2012, you wrote:
> >It is a shame that none of the people who claim that DU was used in
> >Fallujah have bothered to take a survey instrument with them, and plot
> >where the projectiles hit.  It should be easy, if there is as much DU as
> >they say there is.  They should be able to find a fair number of intact
> >projectiles, as most of the town isn't hard enough to cause them to
> >burn.
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