[ RadSafe ] Theme session on Geohealth at the 2012 Rocky Mountain Section GSA meeting.

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Wed Jan 11 22:27:46 CST 2012

Dear RADSAFE colleagues:
Malcolm Siegel of the School of Medicine, University of New Mexico has asked
me to forward the following meeting announcement to RADSAFE:  GSA is the
Geological Society of America.
Please respond to Malcolm directly at mdsiegel at unm.edu 
Dan ii -- Dan W McCarn, Geologist 

Dear Colleagues:
Please consider submitting an abstract to the following Theme Session on
Geohealth at the 2012 Rocky Mountain Section GSA meeting.
T-5. Arsenic, Uranium and Radionuclides: Geology and Health Impacts in the
Southwest and Rocky Mountains Convener: Malcolm Siegel, School of Medicine,
University of New Mexico
Concentrations of carcinogenic arsenic and radium and nephrotoxic uranium
are naturally high in rocks and waters in many parts of the Navajo Nation
and in the Southwest and Rocky Mountain States. Development of mineral
resources and urbanization has led to significant pollution in several
areas. Populations may be exposed to these substances via inhalation,
ingestion and dermal routes. Evaluation of health effects due to past and
potential future exposures has political, social and economic implications
and requires collaboration among earth scientists, civil engineers and
health professionals. This session will bring together researchers from
academic, government and private agencies to examine various dimensions of
topics such as past and proposed uranium mining and the impact of new
drinking water regulations for arsenic and radionuclides on communities in
this area.  The meeting will be held May 9-12 in Albuquerque, NM. The link
to the meeting is:
Abstracts can be submitted until Feb 14, 2012 at: 
Please note that I have moved from Sandia National Labs to the School of
Medicine at UNM; my new contact information is below.   Thank you and Happy
New Year.  
Malcolm Siegel, Ph.D., M.P.H. 
Environmental Geochemistry and Epidemiology 
Department of Internal Medicine Division of Epidemiology and Biostatistics 
University of New Mexico mdsiegel at unm.edu msiegel51 at yahoo.com 505-688-3716

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