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Wed Jan 11 23:19:07 CST 2012

Hi Radsafe:
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      Hope you all are very well.
      What follows is perhaps tangential to  radiation science, health 
physics, medical physics, etc., 
but here it comes anyway.
      I did post earlier on Radsafe on possibility  of blood circulation 
breaks and the possibility of such
breaks and blockages on concentration of irritants, carcinogens etc. at  
specific geometric places in the
body.  Another system of interest may be kidney and urinary tract  system, 
where a blockage
(a kidney stone, or other blockage) might allow buildup of water or some  
carcinogen in the upper
chest of the human body.  Perhaps if such a blockage would go on much  too 
long, whatever 
carcinogen, microorganism, bio-agent etc. might actually end up being built 
 up near the brain, and
influencing a person's ability to think clearly.   With prolonged  blockage 
or circulation breaks, there
might be some possibility of cancer production???  This, of course, is  on 
a different size scale
from DNA breaks etc.  
     Could Schizophrenia result from such a buildup of  a 
chemical/carcinogen or whatever???
Could Schizophrenia also result from a lifelong nutritional  deficiency???  
I don't know what the 
accepted model is for Schizophrenia production????
     On an unrelated topic, I wonder if Dr. Bernie  Cohen, or one of our 
other smoking experts, could 
comment on the ability of cigarette filters to limit/lessen Lung Disease  
and/or Lung Cancer
production via smoking????
     Also, right now, the Baby Boomers (born  1945-1965???) will be 
starting to retire and/or die
in the next 20 years???  In the work force, they will be replaced (on  an 
annual basis???) by
younger workers, with perhaps half the number of the baby boomers  
(available to work) on an
annual (year to year) basis.  Unemployment soon should become less of  a 
problem here in the
USA in the near future???  See USA census data to see (year by year)  what 
will really happen in the
near future????   Sorry, Franz, I know I am too nationalistic  (i.e. I 
primarily consider USA problems
preferentially), but I usually don't get out in the rest of the World all  
that much.  When I was younger,
I did once get to Austria (Salzburg???) and was in Mozart's  house/home.  
Mom and Dad came over
from the old Country (no, not Austria or Switzerland... but rather the  
bigger country) in 1950.
I wish I had the power to cure the World's problems.
     The Russians recently expressed some concern about  Iran's ability to 
enrich U235 or whatever to
the 20% level.
     An Iranian nuclear scientist was killed  (assassinated???) in the last 
few days by someone???
Was a secret Israeli agency (or Israeli resistance forces in Iran???)  
responsible for this person's
death????  Sounds like a rather slow/roundabout way to deal with  Iran's 
reactor, enrichment and launch
capability processes.
     Well, enough of that.  I had the good fortune  to watch Dr. 
Strangelove (with Peter Sellers)
on TV the other day.. Don't think I understood the film all that much when  
I was younger.  It is always
interesting to watch Slim Pickens ride the nuclear device down to its  
target, once it is dropped from
the bomber (SAC forces)..  Hope this all doesn't become reality.
      Regards,     Joseph R.  (Joe) Preisig, PhD
PS --- Pot use, peanut allergy and Autism --- do these three things go  
hand in hand?? They all seem
          to have grown  considerably in the last 30 years or so  Sure, a 
real cause and effect  and/or
          correlation would be  hard to prove.  Grad students, get busy????

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