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Hi Group:

Since the material is most likely natural, I make the assumption that the
radium is in secular equilibrium with uranium. In order to place these
quantities in perspective, the equivalent amount of natural uranium was
calculated in mg / kg (ppm).  For the regulatory limit of 5 pCi/g Ra ==
0.185 Bq/g this would be the equivalent of 7.32 mg/kg U-Nat.  This is
slightly less than the typical granites in Wyoming which average about 10
mg/kg U-Nat.

For the sand that would correspond to 45 pCi/g == 1.665 Bq/g, it is
equivalent to 66 mg/kg (ppm) U-Nat. (6.59 x 10^-5 g). This could be from a
moderately enriched granite or perhaps a heavy-mineral enriched natural
sand containing zircon.  Pure zircon sands contain from 150 - 300 mg/kg
U-Nat == 100 - 200 pCi/kg almost always in secular equilibrium with
radium-226 progeny.

The anatectic granites mined for uranium in the Namib Desert in SE Africa
(Namibia) are about 100-125 mg/kg (ppm) U-Nat.

The Chattanooga (USA), Pierre (USA) & Kolm (Sweden) shales are about 100
mg/kg (ppm) U-Nat.

These are only observations.

Dan ii

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> There has been an interesting series of articles in the Williston North
> Dakota newspaper regarding radioactivity from oilfield operations.  My
> impression is that the reporters have tried to write balanced articles, but
> the stories have been replete with mild hysteria and misinterpretation of
> the data.
> Here's the latest:
> http://www.willistonherald.com/news/radiation-what-does-it-mean/article_3721c300-4485-11e1-9e29-0019bb2963f4.html
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