[ RadSafe ] Co-60 tissue box holders: applicableregulationsfordisposal

Steven Dapra sjd at swcp.com
Mon Jan 23 20:20:26 CST 2012

Jan. 23

         When I don't like what someone has to say I often use the delete key.

Steven Dapra

At 06:20 PM 1/23/2012, you wrote:
>As a personal friend of Franz Schoenhofer, I advise you that your comments
>are entirely off base.  His perspectives are based on a career as a
>regulator for the Austrian government.  Perhaps his messages read as
>pointed, however this is no doubt due in part to his communicating in a
>second language (and how good is your second language?).  In my experience,
>Franz is neither anti-USA nor elitist; however, he does not tolerate
>nonsense, and he is devoted to good science.
>I really don't understand the motivation behind your rant, but certainly
>Franz has a "God-given" right to comment on anything he pleases, including
>any post by anyone of any nationality.  So quit waving your big American
>flag as if it gives you some sort of superiority over those of other
>nationalities on the RadSafe list.
>Susan Gawarecki, PhD, PG
>Robert Young wrote:
>Dr. Schoenhofer,
>I have read your vitriol (anti-USA or pro-academic elitist ) comments long
>enough, so I would like to put a stop to them as much as possible. My
>answer to your 1st statement is just get over it if we don't compose our
>messages like Term Papers; It is an American Thing. Since I do not believe
>that you are an American, you lack any standing and DO NOT have the right
>to comment on how any American Citizen may "organize his thoughts" on
>Radiation Protection.
>Now on to your 2nd point. You are absolutely correct that "doserate
>measurements were reported, but to me they do not seem to be exorbitant
>high", however as you well know (which one can deduce from your previous
>RAD-SAFE comments), the average citizenry of the United States are not all
>Ph.D. level scientists. You see in America, we can be what we want to be.
>This may mean that some Americans are Nobel Prize winners and others are
>Ditch Diggers (and this is not a cheap shot at Ditch Diggers), but we have
>the right (both God given and U.S. Constitutionally protected) to be as
>much, or as little as we want..  As a Health Physicist, I try daily to
>educate every person I come in contact in order to attempt to give a
>perspective to Dose vs Dose Rate, but nearly every time the term Nuclear,
>Radioactive, or Radiation is used in the US Press, it has the mushroom
>cloud as a back drop.  This is hard to over come by just one person.
>BTW, I understand that Germany will completely abandoned the use of Nuclear
>Power by 2022 as a direct result of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster
>in 2011. You and I both know that the only way to ween ourselves off Carbon
>based fuels is Nuclear. Yes Fusion is preferred to Fission, but we have
>Fission right now and it can power our Universities, Homes, Government
>Offices, etc. RIGHT NOW. Fusion is a noteworthy endeavor and one that
>significant global resources should be used to perfect, however, it is not
>a commercially viable option at this time. The Global Energy needs are for
>now and the future, not just the future only. This knee jerk reaction by
>the German Government / Chancellor Merkel just shows (to me anyway), that
>  Government Leaders and others need a better education in all aspects of
>nuclear power on both side of the Atlantic.
>Robert Young

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