[ RadSafe ] Texsport Item #14210 - Lantern Mantles

Chris Alston achris1999 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 10 17:38:24 CDT 2012


The packets of these mantles, the which are Made in China, give as the
primary ingredients nitrates and hydroxides of Th.  Another ingredient, for
what it is worth, is cerium.  They are also labelled with all sorts of
cautionary messages in re proper handling, including warnings that they
emit radioactive materials, and that California knows them to be
carcinogenic.  I see no significant readings, i.e., there may be a slight
excursion above background with a pancake GM at contact, but certainly not
the check-source-worthy output one would expect.  Does anyone have a take
on this?  It has occurred to me that the packet may be intended for use
with mantles from one supplier, but was filled in the factory with mantles
of the same spec from a different supplier.

TIA and


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