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     I don't know the answer to your question, but  there is a great deal 
of accelerator shielding
information in NCRP-51 and the more recent version of this NCRP  Guide.  
Also the are books like
Accelerator Health Physics by Patterson and Thomas and the Accelerator  
Health Physics 
Coursebook by Cossairt.
    In addition, there are accelerator shielding computer  codes available 
from the RSICC
(Radiation Shielding Information Center) at Oak Ridge National Lab. and  
     MCNP5 --- Monte Carlo Neutral Particle Program  (neutron, gamma)
     MCNP5X --- Higher Energy Version of  MCNP
     EGS --- Electron Gamma Shower
     Fluka --- Hadron Transport Code --- High  Energy
     LAHET --- Hadron Transport
     MARS  --- Soviet Computer Code
     CASIM --- older Hadron Transport Code
     And so on.
      If you do a web search on each computer  code's name, I expect you'll 
find recent information
about each one.
     For the rest of Radsafe, for the next few weeks,  there are Summer 
Sunday tours of
Brookhaven National Lab (USA).
     Sometimes, Lykins and Lapp could be former geology  students at 
Binghamton University
(SUNY).  Not Lichens and LAPPlanders.  Ralph Lapp is also another  name you 
could look up on
the internet.
     Dr. Grof, if you send more details about your  accelerator to be 
shielded, I'm sure some people here
on the list would be glad to offer comments on how to shield it.
     Take Care...    Regards,   Joseph R. (Joe) Preisig, PhD
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adar2222 at gmail.com writes:

Hello  radsafers,
Did anybody know something about the " THE SANDWICH FOR  RADIATION 
STRUCTURES " to build radiation shielding for  accelerators?
Yair Grof PhD
Safety,  NRC
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