[ RadSafe ] Abnormal thyroid growths in 36% of Fukushima children

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I believe the current thinking about thyroid "growths" induced by radiation dose is that they have a latency period of 5 years and a very high threshold dose. I don't know about the toxicology of KI.


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I thought that children were given Potassium Iodide pills.  Does this claim sound feasible or just another piece of hype from Christina MacPherson's propaganda network?  ENENews has been very active anti-nuclear propaganda organ.  They also make no effort to correct their claims when they are found wanting.

Roger Helbig

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Abnormal thyroid growths in 36% of Fukushima children

by Christina MacPherson

36 Percent Of Fukushima Children Have Abnormal Growths From Radiation Exposure  http://www.businessinsider.com/a-stunning-36-percent-of-fukushima-children-have-abnormal-growths-from-radiation-exposure-2012-7#ixzz21Cetabn4
 Michael Kelley | Jul. 16, 2012,  Of more than 38,000 children tested from the Fukushima Prefecture in Japan, 36 percent have abnormal growths - cysts or nodules - on their thyroids a year after the Fukushima nuclear disaster, as reported by ENENews.

The shocking numbers come from the thyroid examination section of the "Sixth Report of Fukushima Prefecture Health Management Survey,"
published by Fukushima Radioactive Contamination Symptoms Research
(FRCSR) and translated by the blog Fukushima Voice.   Shunichi
Yamashita, M.D., president of the Japan Thyroid Association, sent a letter to members in January with guidelines for treating thyroid abnormalities. In 2001 Yamashita co-authored a study that found normal children in Nagasaki to have 0 percent nodules and 0.8 percent cysts.
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