[ RadSafe ] since we're talking about climate change

Karen Street Karen_Street at sbcglobal.net
Tue Jul 24 14:12:15 CDT 2012

In the past and just now, people on this list who don't accept climate change have posted that they don't accept climate change.

I am curious as to what you do believe.

Please avoid explaining that the overwhelming number of scientists are wrong or read this or that this great scientist thinks other scientists are wrong.

• Is Earth warming, and at what rate (in °C/decade)?
• What is the cause? Don't use the word natural, but give particular mechanisms, such as Earth is moving closer to the sun.

When I ask climate skeptics/deniers these questions, it feels like pulling teeth to get answers other than, "you're wrong, you child of Satan." Or the ones about natural or scientists are just wrong or here is my scientist (inject name of novelist or journalist) who disagrees.

I really am curious.
Best wishes, 
Karen Street
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