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I have a power point presentation that explains (I think!) all the science
in climate change. I can send it to you and others who want it.

John R Johnson

On Tue, Jul 24, 2012 at 12:12 PM, Karen Street
<Karen_Street at sbcglobal.net>wrote:

> In the past and just now, people on this list who don't accept climate
> change have posted that they don't accept climate change.
> I am curious as to what you do believe.
> Please avoid explaining that the overwhelming number of scientists are
> wrong or read this or that this great scientist thinks other scientists are
> wrong.
> • Is Earth warming, and at what rate (in °C/decade)?
> • What is the cause? Don't use the word natural, but give particular
> mechanisms, such as Earth is moving closer to the sun.
> When I ask climate skeptics/deniers these questions, it feels like pulling
> teeth to get answers other than, "you're wrong, you child of Satan." Or the
> ones about natural or scientists are just wrong or here is my scientist
> (inject name of novelist or journalist) who disagrees.
> I really am curious.
> --
> Best wishes,
> Karen Street
> Friends Energy Project
> blog http://pathsoflight.us/musing/index.php
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