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Fredrick L. Miller millerfl at tricity.wsu.edu
Thu Jul 26 12:29:17 CDT 2012

The short answer to "what is an overwhelming number of scientists" can be defined as follows
1. If they agree with me, I may define that number at my whim and pleasure; or
2. If they don't, such a number can only be found in the imaginary set; and
3. If they annoy me, the number is always one too many

Happy Friday (for me)



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From: Jerry Cohen <jjc105 at yahoo.com>
Subject: Re: [ RadSafe ] "overwhelming" number of scientists and
	climate	change
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Karen,, I am curious--how do we determine what the overwhelming number of 
scientists believe ?or not believe. Of the 100 or so scientisst who I might 
personally know, almost all of them believe that concern over global warming is 
nonsense. Of course, the number of scientisists who I might personally know is a 
small frection of the total number, but I suspect it might be a representative 
sample. Has anyone done a statistically valid survey on the subject?
As to what do I believe-----
??? I believe I'll have another beer.

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