[ RadSafe ] Coming soon to a basement near you???????

Ted de Castro tdc at xrayted.com
Thu Jun 7 10:17:13 CDT 2012


I thought people here might be interested in seeing this link telling 
whomever how to make their own x-ray machine.

Now "Instructables" is a great web site with articles telling you how to 
make all sorts of interesting and useful things - and some, well.......

A while ago they had a "make a spot welder from a microwave oven 
transformer" that was a major electrical death trap.

Today I got my usual email showing new entries and saw this one:


Also - from links on this article it appears there may be other similar 
articles there - but I haven't reviewed those yet.

If you do have a look at this article you may want to browse around to 
see what USEFUL things you can find - Like I said - they do have many 
useful entries - I found them a few years back looking for how to make a 
10 base T splitter - its working well. Joining is free and if you join 
you can download the text articles as a PDF.


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