[ RadSafe ] Coming soon to a basement near you???????

Kristian Ukkonen ktu at iki.fi
Thu Jun 7 12:21:01 CDT 2012

On 6/7/2012 18:17, Ted de Castro wrote:
> I thought people here might be interested in seeing this link telling
> whomever how to make their own x-ray machine.
> Now "Instructables" is a great web site with articles telling you how to
> make all sorts of interesting and useful things - and some, well.......
> A while ago they had a "make a spot welder from a microwave oven
> transformer" that was a major electrical death trap.
> Today I got my usual email showing new entries and saw this one:
> http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-X-Ray/

Nothing new. Already in 50s amateurs were building crude x-ray machines
from 01, 6BK4 triode etc. commercial tubes.. One of instructions was
in "amateur scientist" column of Scientific American in 7/1956 by 
C.L.Stong. Also there was Van de Graff generator based proton/deuteron
linear accelerator in 8/1971 number.. For a whole list, see

Nowadays people are already building inertial electrostatic confinement
deuterium fusion reactors in their basements with proven neutron
production by activation experiments.. X-ray tubes are so old news. :)

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