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Hi George,
      With the Earth wobbles, there are possibly  several "beat" (see your 
classical mechanics book)
phenomena.  Beats for the Chandler Wobble (period roughly 433 days)  and 
the Annual Wobble.
There may be "beats" for the 2 Chandler wobble frequencies (426.7 days  and 
437.1 days periods).
These 2 periods were estimated by me around 1995 using Multi-window  
spectrum estimation in work
I did with Steve Dickman (SUNY/Binghamton).  These results were  presented 
at the 1995 Spring
AGU (American Geophysical Union) Meeting.  
     The beats for the closely spaced Chandler wobble  frequencies produce 
a difference period
of roughly 98.2 years.  This compares with periods seen in  Kanamori's data 
plot (see Lambeck's 
first book) of about 88 years.  (44 years between polar motion  amplitude 
peaks).  You can also see
the amplitude peaks in ILS (International Latitudinal Service) data and  
VLBI polar motion data
from NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center.  
    Guess I'm sending this email because I have made some  posts to RADSAFE 
and elsewhere
that try to associate peaks in Earth wobbles with Global Warming  
phenomena.  The notion that there
are two sets of beats should clarify the previous posts somewhat.   Steve 
Dickman taught me about the 
double Chandler Wobble peaks and their implications.
    Maybe this is old news to some of you getting this  email.
    Regards,    Joe Preisig 

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