[ RadSafe ] San Onofre nuclear plant -- please don't forget to vote -- link to story & poll repeated below

Brennan, Mike (DOH) Mike.Brennan at DOH.WA.GOV
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There are several points worth considering in this issue:

1) The tubes are showing an excessive level of wear, but that really
doesn't mean the steam generators can't be used.  Plug any tubes about
to fail, increase the inspection schedule, even at the expense of more
outages, and run the plant with a light hand, optimized for protecting
the SGs.  Meanwhile, beaver away at figuring out a fix and/or arranging
for replacements.  The NRC should identify a team whose top priority is
to review any proposals in as expeditious a manner as possible.
2) Acknowledge that SG tube failure is not the end of the world.  If you
run the clean side at a higher pressure, you don't even get that much
contamination into that loop (I am not familiar with the specific
reactors involved).  Even if you do get crossover, it can crap up the
loop some, but it isn't like you are venting primary coolant to the
great outdoors.  It is far from ideal, but again it might buy some
operating time in which to find a better solution.
3) Permanently shutting down the facility is absurd.  Yes, the SGs did
not perform as advertised.  Yes, they are necessary for the whole system
to work.  But decommissioning the plant is like saying you are going to
have the gas stove pulled out and throw away the tea set because the new
kettle might boil over.

I hope the facility is taking this opportunity to do all possible
maintenance and upgrades on other equipment, and to make sure everyone
is not only completely trained for their position, but for any other
they are interested in.  This is a problem, but in comparison to
something like Fukushima or Apollo 13, it is a piece of cake.  They have
time and resources enough to fix this problem.  I just hope that
management has the courage to let them do so. 

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At midnight CDT:  Close it 47.8% 1796 votes
          Repair & re-open it 47.3%  1776 votes

At 0215 CDT   Close it  47.4%  1797 votes
        Repair & Re-open  47.6%  1803 votes
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