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Dear Radsafe:
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    Hope you are well.  Go home and have a  beer???
    SLAC's (USA) webpage has a news item about the Standard  Model of 
Physics, and some 
    possible recent difficulties with the model.  Read  it???
         Was watching a show on TV  the other day about the N_zi UFO 
Conspiracy (WW II).
    Those central European folks back then were quite adept  at research 
involving flight
    (Jets, Planes, rockets) and according to this fairly  factual show 
there was an effort involving vertical
    lifting of spacecraft (flying saucers???).   Invasion by the Russians, 
USA, Allies etc. ended these
    research efforts.  The USA and Russia took the  leftover pieces (and 
German Scientists involved)
    of this research effort, and made this research their  own.  According 
to the show, after the war
    (WW II) in about 1946, serious numbers of flying  saucer/UFO sightings 
started to happen.
     Sightings in USA, Russia, South America.   Hmmmm.
          Imagine what could  happen nowadays if the kids with their Fusor 
research or the USA/World
    Fusion research community could actually make  reliable fusion happen.  
Imagine a Harrier 
    airplane, or Helicopter with a serious fusion power  system.  Can you 
say more cranking power???
    Imagine earlier USA flying saucer research vehicles with  more powerful 
jet lifting engines.
    My guess is that it all already exists.  Time for  the USA government 
to come clean and 
    show the USA/World public such a vehicle flying.   Cmon, the Stealth 
Fighter and Bomber
    made their way out of the secrecy closet.
         The USA Miltary/DOD just  had a spacejet make a 15 month trip in 
Space and it was
    robotically controlled.  No human flight  crew.  Just a team of people 
controlling the spacejet
    from the ground.  Pretty neat. 
         The TV show about the UFO  effort from that Central European 
country went on to say
    that most of the military and civilian people associated  with the 
research effort were eventually
    eliminated (i.e. killed).  Sounds like someone was  covering up his 
    vertical-lift, escape route from his country... Where  did he go???  
He's probably died of 
    natural causes by now.  Interesting --- leave a  Doppelganger's dead 
body in the ditch near the 
    bunker in Berlin and make an escape via advanced  technology.  Did it 
really happen that way???
         You all have a good  weekend...
                     Regards,   Joseph R. (Joe) Preisig

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