[ RadSafe ] Saint Rosalie Bertell

Roger Helbig rwhelbig at gmail.com
Tue Jun 26 23:22:21 CDT 2012

While I wish that she had lived long enough to correct the many lies that
she has contributed to the world stage about depleted uranium and nuclear
power, Sr Rosalie Bertell is no longer among the living.  She is certainly
on the way to sainthood amongst her many believers.

Baltimore Nonviolence Center: OBITUARY: Rosalie Bertell/Last-of ...
By Max Obuszewski
Her scientific contributions are outstanding in many regards, pertaining to
the impacts of depleted uranium contamination, her work on environmental
modification techniques for military use including the HAARP program. Dr.
Rosalie Bertell ...
Baltimore Nonviolence Center

The obituary was posted to Global Research, one of the worst conspiracy
websites and Max Obrewski did not have enough knowledge to take out the
totally bogus like HAARP.


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