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Wed Mar 7 09:17:08 CST 2012

Dear Radsafe,
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     Hope you all are well.  We seem to know a  great deal about cancer, 
and in certain situations
various cancers can be cured.
     But, of course, that knowledge is not  complete.  Consider that once 
you know how to solve the
puzzle of a Rubik's Cube, it may be easy to do.  Cancer still has a  few 
secrets or tricks
     There was a show by 60 Minutes (USA Television)  that a gentleman down 
UCSD/Scripps/San Diego was running a company that has nearly completed  
mapping of the
human genome.  Work has also been done by Federal (US and world)  research 
     The next secrets about cancer may be in the  various ON/OFF switches 
set up in human
DNA.  People interested in understanding cancer further need to  involve 
themselves in
understanding DNA better.
     Have a great week!!!!      Regards,   Joseph R. (Joe) Preisig, PhD

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