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      Hellooooo Radsafe,
      Hope you are well.
      Some new experimental hutches will be going  up shortly at the NSLS 
II (the National Synchrotron
      Light Source --- a photon light source) of  Brookhaven National 
Laboratory.  See their website.
      NBC National News is reporting tonight that  some cases of Type II 
diabetes are being cured
    by Weight Loss (Bariatric???? etc.) surgery.  The  researchers/doctors 
are not quite sure why
    this surgery is successful for this purpose.  Well,  I suspect that as 
a diabetic (Type II) person 
    loses weight, blood circulation patterns become  more normal and/or 
optimal.  Sugar more readily
    is cleared from the body as well as perhaps excess body  water.  Sludgy 
blood circulation
    becomes good circulation.
         Hand in hand with such a  surgery, some other things to try might 
be.  Reduce actual sugar
    intake by 10 to 30 %.  Get very heavy patients onto  medication such as 
Lasix (or whatever
    a medical doctor (NOT ME!!!) recommends).  Let them  urinate off some 
of the excess water 
    weight.  One cubic foot of water is 70  pounds????   Do the surgery, if 
necessary.  Maybe just
    using Lasix will help one achieve a non-diabetic bodily  condition.  
          Once a patient  starts to really move around again they will no 
longer be so lethargic ---
    loss of water (and other) weight can really help one to  get more 
          That will do for  now.  Off topic, yes.
          Saw a strange show  on TV saying some astronomers have discovered 
an alien spacecraft
          moving towards the  Earth using solar power and/or dark 
matter/energy power.  The size of  the
          spacecraft is not  small, and the scientists??? involved say the 
spaceship may contain
          thousands of  passengers.  The mind boggles.  The TV program 
appeared to be quite  serious, and
          I don't know when  the program was made.  Is the Earth ready to 
receive  thousands of
          Space  visitors.???   Hope this doesn't end up like the movie 
          Wonder what will  happen...
                 The Type II diabetes news appears to be quite real.
                  Regards,    Joseph R. (Joe) Preisig, PhD

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