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Wed May 2 10:54:07 CDT 2012

This is not all bad news. Radiation exposure could be a good thing.
Maybe those fewer girl babies will grow up to be hot babes ;-)

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Subject: [ RadSafe ] Claim that - As nuclear radiation spreads around the world, 
fewer girl babies are born

This is preposterous "research" but widely being trumpeted.   Word
Press should be proud that it is the foremost misinformation and
propaganda service in the world with YouTube not far behind.

Roger Helbig

New post on nuclear-news

As nuclear radiation spreads around the world, fewer girl babies are born

by Christina MacPherson

the study is ‘the most convincing documentation’ so far that radiation
may lead to a gender bias in humans.

Nuclear age has led to millions of fewer baby girls being born

Study claims nuclear radiation from bomb testing and power plant
leaks hits female birthrate Japanese nuclear disaster could hit girl
births in U.S. Nuclear radiation from power plant leaks and bomb tests
resulted in millions fewer baby girls born worldwide, according to a
new study.

Scientists noted these types of atmospheric blasts rather than
on-the-ground incidents like Chernobyl, effected birth gender across
the globe. Read more of this post

Christina MacPherson | May 2, 2012 at 5:52 am | Categories: 2 WORLD,
women | URL: http://wp.me/phgse-6e2

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