[ RadSafe ] Master Manipulators Ask - Why is mainstream media not covering Fukushima radiation?

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Mon May 7 05:59:54 CDT 2012

Activists of all kinds seem to have a common theme; the mainstream
media is not trutfully reporting on this; you have to read the
independent media (ie. blogs, YouTube, etc) to get the true picture.
Here is another example from Mindy Allan, supposedly someone in the
Denver, Colorado area.  It will probably get widespread retransmittal
even though it is not really based on facts and hypothesizes all sorts
of very bad things like mutations from Fukushima's radiation.  It is
very skillfully written to grab the reader but it is basically science
fiction masquerading as revealed fact

Roger Helbig

New post on nuclear-news

Why is mainstream media not covering Fukushima radiation?

by Christina MacPherson

 the lack of the U.S. government to inform people of how serious the
Fukushima situation is, and that after the accident stopped monitoring
radiation levels in the U.S. On April 17, 2011 an independent
journalist reported what we now now are facts about Fukushima. This
story  should have been on mainstream news. Truth matters.

Fifty four reactors shut down, and guess what? The power is still on,
so is the nuclear industry hoax? Was nuclear power ever really needed
in this world?

N. America's radiation threat: another mainstream news blackout
Digital Journal 5 May 2012 By Mindy Allan  It is odd that neither the
Canadian nor the American mainstream news, nor any government agencies
are speaking about the radiation that continues to flow into North
America by way of the jet stream.

 News that should be a priority isn't, and has been left up to the
independent journalists of the world to report, like North America's
radiation problem from Fukushima that continually is left out of
mainstream news. Why?

Fukushima is not just a problem for the Japanese, but for the whole
world that no one in charge wants to address. North America was the
first continent to receive the first waves of radiation from the
meltdown, and explosion at Fukushima. The Canadian government said no
worries and that the Canadian Food Inspection Agency would not be
testing the food, or milk, according to Vancouver Late Night  in April
of 2011. Read more of this post

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