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"-planned exposure to low dose radiation" is a legally implausible study. 

However, natural experiments do occur.   John Snow observed
that deaths from diarrhea were much more frequent on the side of the street
that got its water from the Thames, and that removing the pump handle 
from that source stopped the deaths.

Cameron's study on nuclear shipyard worker mortality data, likewise.
Just 0.76 mortality rate for those with extra 0.5 rem, p<0.001 !

Chen et al observed that Taiwan apartments exposing 10,000 residents to 0.4Sv av 
 (from Co 60 in reinforcing steel) was associated with  
just 3.5/100,000 cancers vs 116/100,000 for comparable population and
just 3 birth defects/1,000 vs 23 expected.
www.aapsonline.org/journal  spring2004 
Is Low Dose Radiation An Effective Prophylaxis Against Cancer? Chen et al

So, I sit on thoriated welding rods that boost my background radiation to a Denver dose.
Howard Long
DDP 30th Annual Meeting — July 27-29, 2012
Posted on March 8, 2012
Long Island Marriott (Long Island, NY)
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Tour Info
We will have a group tour of Brookhaven National Labs on Friday, July 27.  Group size is limited to 20 people, and is filling up quickly.  Please call (520) 270-0761 for availability.

The Brookhaven tour will most likely be filled, so we are making an alternate activity available for those who wish to participate.  This will be a trip to the Cradle of Aviation – Long Island’s Air & Space Museum.

Stay tuned for more details!

Speakers include:

Willie Soon: Mercury Air Toxics Standards and the Extreme Punishment Agency (EPA)

Richard Lindzen: Alarming Global Warming: What happens to science in the public square

Gordon Claycomb, who worked at Skunk Works for 20 years: “Inside an ICBM Squadron During the Cuban Missile Crisis”

Paul Driessen: Sustainability Realities—with Update from Rio

Howard Maccabee: Health Effects of Medical Radiation

Steven Hatfill: Myths and Facts Concerning Biological Agents in Warfare

S. Fred Singer: Obama “Skins the Cat” to Achieve Energy Rationing

Arthur Robinson, candidate for US Congress, Oregon District 4: Common Sense 2012

Jerry Cuttler: Appropriate Radiation Level for Evacuations

Rael Jean Isaac: Why “Climate Science” Isn’t About Science

Howard Hayden: Using Data Noise to Combat Political Noise

Matt Briggs: Statistical Follies and Epidemiology

Andrew Schlafly: Using the Freedom of Information Act and Federal Open Data Laws

John Droz: Does Offshore Wind Energy Make Sense?

Bonner Cohen: Energy Independence for the United States

Howard Long MD MPH

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> Joe,
>    Thanks for the (premature) complements but I don't deserve them nor take them seriously (nor should anyone else).  There is a lot of work that needs to be done to determine whether these ideas do help in reducing cancers in prospective studies.  Of course I would not think of proposing any such study in the USA because of concern for potential lawsuits (that can doom the study) if even one of the participants is diagnosed with cancer following planned exposure to low dose radiation.  I am wondering if there is some country or region where there is less likelihood of such lawsuits making a prospective study of radiation hormesis conceivable.  Any takers?
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