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Tue May 22 13:44:05 CDT 2012

Dear Radsafe:
      From:   _jpreisig at aol.com_ (mailto:jpreisig at aol.com)    .
               Hope you all are quite well.
               Spacex rocket to the ISS (Space Station) lifted off today.   
        What, is all that High Level  Waste in dry cask storage making you 
nervous???  Why???
        It's Money in the bank and fuel  for the future.  Wonder how much 
HLW there really is and its
        actual monetary value...
                Yucca Mountain isn't going forward --- especially under the 
current political  administration,
        certainly not 6 months before a  presidential election.  What's 
Mitt R.'s stance on Yucca ---
        bet he won't even talk about  it.  When will the Obama/Romney 
debates be????
                If Yucca Mountain isn't going forward and the US government 
does still have  some
       fund of Nuclear Power money in hand,  then maybe it is time for the 
Nuclear Industry to
       ask for or demand a REFUND of much of  this Money.  The rest of the 
fund could remain in 
       place, and interest on the fund could  be used to support research 
projects on how to deal 
       with High Level Waste.
                Ahhh, Roger Helbig, your soon-to-be favorite movie is 
coming out soon.  I  saw a 
       promotional ad for it yesterday  ----  Chernobyl Diaries  --- 
probably much more science fiction
       than science fact.  Roger can  slip into the movie, videotape it and 
then give us his 
       comments about the  film.  
       Just wondering if Roger will part with  the price of a movie ticket, 
knowing that part of this price
       will actually fund anti-Nuke  activities????!!!!!  Enjoy the Popcorn 
and Candy, Roger.
       Don't shout too many expletives during  the movie showing...
                Has Franz gone on sabbatical somewhere; hope he is OK.
                HLW in concrete at the bottom of the ocean???  I doubt it 
--- it would be  like throwing
       money away.   I'd kid Jerry  Cohen about getting him some concrete 
booties for the BIG SWIM, but
       since I'm from New Jersey, I'd better  not.  People might take me 
seriously.  Have a good week,
                Who will Obama pick to replace the NRC head commissioner??? 
 We'll  see.
       I nominate a well-trained Health  Physicist or Nuclear Engineer.  
Good Luck.
                Regards,     Joseph R. (Joe) Preisig, PhD

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