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Latest from Nuclear-News and Huffington Post - certainly merits
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New book documents the nuclear power nightmare

by Christina MacPherson

“At the heart of the nuclear nightmare,” she writes, “is something no
one wants to talk about: birth defects, a whitewash word for children
born without the attributes we recognize as human.”

Fukushima Tour de Force: New Book Chronicles Nuclear Devil’s Tango
HUFFNGTON POST, Jeff Biggers, 22 May 12, With Japan now only weeks
into its temporarymoratorium on nuclear power  plants, a chillingly
prescient chapter in Cecile Pineda’s new

tour de force, Devil’s Tango: How I Learned the Fukushima Step by Step
, foretells the lasting impact of a “planetary catastrophe” in the
time of powerful energy lobbies…..  ”It’s not easy for you, or me, or
anyone to pay attention to the consequences of the nuclear energy
cycle,” Pineda tells the reader in her foreword. “Why? Because you
can’t see radiation.”

Unfolding through a series of beguiling, passionate and often
revelatory entries in a daily chronicle, at times with a flair for
scintillating satire, Pineda’s masterful framing of the urgency for
readers to learn from the Japanese nuclear disaster and the
machinations of its industry handlers makes Devil’s Tango one of the
most important and required reads this year. She writes:

“You can’t see fallout, you can’t tell when you’re eating strontium by
the spoonful. It’s invisible, you can’t see it, feel it, touch it,
hear it; you can taste it only in your mouth — when the fallout is
particularly dense — as a metallic taste in your mouth, which any
number of people reported this past year in places as far apart as
Seattle and Arizona. In a world that enshrines surfaces, the industry
thinks invisibility is a sure bet you won’t ever find out.”…. Read
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