[ RadSafe ] "We are living through the worst public health scandal in history" - 60 million developed cancer from nuclear weapons tests (VIDEO)

Stewart Farber safarber at optimum.net
Mon May 28 09:30:04 CDT 2012

Regarding the actions of so many of the scaremongers and intellectually 
dishonest individuals seeking fawning attention from the uninformed 
[whether media of members of the public], history has repeatedly shown 

"Ignorance is society's most toxic waste."

In a similar vein, recent impartial, reviews have shown that about 25 
deaths among the public occurred in Japan in the initial period after 
the Fukushima accident due to panic evacuation of elderly from nursing 
homes, and infirm from other locations. Elderly were dropped off 
gurneys, ignored in interim evacuation and died of dehydration due to 
panic actions.

The fear that prompted panic actions on evacuation are in good part due 
to those many scaremongers, who have promoted fear of radiation exposure 
for their personal financial gain and ego gratification. These parties 
have so completely misrepresented the health effects of low level 
radiation exposure, dose rates 10X-to 100X normal background in Japan, 
and usually much less dose  in total that these same elderly persons 
would have received routinely in any diagnostic radiology test  such as 
a CT scan.

Stewart Farber

-------And on this Memorial Day let us all give thanks and our sincere 
gratitude to all the veterans [and the families of deceased or injured 
service peopple] who served or are now serving to protect our and many 
other nation's freedom from tyranny

On Mon, May 28, 2012 at 6:44 AM, Roger Helbig wrote:

> More Chris Busby at his YouTube finest - all it takes to get people
> aroused is a video and Busby is pushing them out on at least a weekly
> basis.  How does academia allow him to remain in their ranks?
> http://enenews.com/we-are-living-through-the-worst-public-health-scandal-in-
> history-60-million-developed-cancer-from-nuclear-weapons-tests-video
> This blogger will not identify who they are.  Look at this trash. 
>  100%
> liquefied uranium.  Come on now.
> Roger Helbig
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