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Mon May 28 14:40:04 CDT 2012

Dear Radsafe:
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        Hey all,
                Hope you are well and safe today.  Thanks!!!
                If the nuclear fees cannot be refunded, as one well-versed 
radsafe poster  suggests, then
       perhaps legislators, power companies  etc. can act together to stop 
collecting this nuclear
       fee, upon approval of all/most  concerned.  The savings could be 
passed on to the electricity
       consumer, by not charging the  fee.  Don't know how much this would 
save the average consumer
       in terms of real $$$.  US  Government already has a pile of money 
saved (and collected
       previously) to support HLW work.   Nuff Said.
                Google news suggests today that in June there will be some 
event with Venus  passing
      in front of the Sun, an event some of us can  see.  Look for it???!!!!
                EGS --- Electron Gamma Shower --- a computer code for doing 
                            Shielding Work.
                LEGS --- An experimental facility at Brookhaven National 
         I hear stories about  surgeons re-attaching lost fingers etc. and 
wonder if similar things
         are being done with arms  and legs --- I recall reading about a 
face transplant a while back.
         Guess we are pretty far  off from growing a whole arm or leg in a 
petri dish or other
         laboratory  containers.  Guess individual organs and/or tissues 
can be grown.
              Guess some folks can thank the (USA???) jet aircraft and 
space industry for  creating
         Titanium and making it  such a useful and durable metal.  It 
appears to be used in making
         artificial limbs for  people.  Watch the movie Forrest 
Gump????!!!! --- new legs,  Lieutenant
         Dan, new legs....
                 Have a great week!!!!!!!
                 Regards,     Joseph R. (Joe) Preisig,  PhD
PS   a google search   on   emerald AND usa  will tell you where you can 
look for emeralds, for a 
          slight??? fee here  in the USA.  

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