[ RadSafe ] Any comment on David Lochbaum's warning reproduced by a columnist in The Guardian Here is the link

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Dear Steven,

Here is the link:



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        Can you provide a citation or a link to the Guardian article?

Steven Dapra

At 03:38 AM 11/2/2012, you wrote:
> Friends,
> Do you have any comment on the following warning by David Lochbaum reprodeced in The Guardian?
> Is there any reliable analysis done on the issue referred to in his article?
> David Lochbaum warns:
> "I'm most concerned about the NRC's practice of allowing unsafe reactors to operate. UCS's Nuclear Power Information Tracker shows 47 reactors that NRC knows to violate fire protection regulations and 27 reactors with seismic protection known to be less than the seismic hazards they face. These pre-existing vulnerabilities mean that the American public is protected more by luck than by skill."
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> >Parthasarathy

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