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Joseph Shonka jjshonka at shonka.com
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We built a soil sorter and sorted an SDMP site with 250,000 tons of thoria
contaminated soil.  NRC like what we did.  We sorted to 30 pCi/g for
offsite burial at Envirocare (about 20% of the total, shipped by rail) and
the 80% remaining averaged 15 pCi/g which was placed at the site in the big
hole under a 15 foot clean overburden.  The site has permanent restrictions
to avoid future development that would compromise the clean cover.

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On Wed, Nov 7, 2012 at 6:22 PM, Peter Collopy
<chaosforthefuture at yahoo.com>wrote:

> I have been working with a client who has somehow latched onto the idea
> they could blend soil to lower the overall radionuclide concentations in
> soil to make the soil acceptable for disposal on the site of origin. In my
> opinion the only way that could be done would be to submit to the NRC or
> the agreement state an exemption request to do that type of operation. My
> client has asked, and as a dutiful consultant I am acceding
> (reluctantly) to their wishes, that I find out if anyone has ever been
> allowed to do a purposeful blending operation with the objective of on-site
> soil disposal. So here are my two questions:
> 1. Have you ever heard of soil blending being allowed on a U.S. site for
> the purpose of lowering the concentrations to below the DCGL and thus
> meeting free release criteria for the site.
> 2. If the answer to 1 above is yes did they apply for an exemption from
> the NRC or agreement state or did they simply do the work as part of an
> approved Decommissioning Plan?
> If you wish to keep any info on the QT just email me directly or call but
> keep in mind I am on the west coast so early moring risers on the east
> coast  try not to call at 7:00 your time.
> Thanks for any info in advance
> Pete C
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