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Chris Alston achris1999 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 9 11:44:38 CST 2012


Thank you for this interesting link!  The kid in me loves factoids
like the dimensions of such a thing.  But, I must say, this particular
article did not seem inflammatory WRT radiological issues, to me.  It
focussed quite appropriately on the logistics of moving an extremely
large and massive object over the public highways (rather than, e.g.,
speculating about the consequences of a highly improbable catastrophic
accident), and mentioned the fact that although radiation was around,
it was at about the level of a chest x-ray (never mind what exactly
they mean by that).


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A steam generator segment shipped out of SONGS to Utah. It is
disappointing the amount of unnecessary expense and publicity for a
minute bit of radioactive material in an SCO II, UN2913 shipment when
you could be sitting next to a couple of yellow IIIs at a traffic
light without even realizing it. I guess it sells commercial air time.


Donald P. Mercado
Health Physicist

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