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JPreisig at aol.com JPreisig at aol.com
Mon Nov 12 17:32:20 CST 2012

Hey Radsafe,
     Hope you all are well.
     Apparently, Colorado and Washington State have now  legalized pot.  I 
already knew the Anti-Nuke
movement was strong in those states.  I suspect the movement will grow  
stronger in those states
now.  Wonder which states will go legal next.???  North America  is quickly 
becoming South America.
    US Geology and Environmental Studies Department churn  out Anti-Nuke 
students faster than the number of Health Physics and/or Nuclear  Engineering 
students that are produced in the USA.  Most Geologists
don't study much Health Physics.  Liberal Faculty exist in  considerable 
numbers at US
    A USA Security Agency head (a former Team USA General)  is now under 
scrutiny for having had
a relationship with a non-approved??? person.  Wonder if he leaked any  
serious information???
If you can't trust the guys at the top, who can you trust???
   People in New York City/Long Island are suffering after  Hurricane 
Sandy.  They are still waiting
for restoration of electricity.  LIPA (Long Island Power Authority is  
somewhat involved).
The people on eastern Long Island have no nukes (Shoreham, Brookhaven High  
Flux Beam
Reactor, Brookhaven Medical Reactor, Brookhaven Graphite Reactor) --- they  
also have expensive
electricity.  Fortunately, the people in the Hamptons have money, I  guess. 
 Maybe, expensive
electricity drove Northup/Grummann away from Long Island.
    Maybe I'll retire to Tennessee and make Moonshine.   I hear Moonshiners 
can make $50K+++
in one season.  There's an interesting show on Moonshining on American  TV.
    One of the Gold Rush Alaska Guys (Parker Schnabel) is in  on some 
serious gold this TV season.
His sorting equipment was just glittering with gold, on the last TV  show.  
$$$Millions, baby, Millions.
Makes me want to go there.
    Guess US States taxing pot will have balanced budgets  quite soon.  
Guess, there will be a 
Federal Tax soon, also????
    Have a good week....
    Regards,  Joe Preisig
PS   If you fly airplanes, it might time to log some more hours  in the 
sky.  Apparently US Airlines are
       having trouble finding qualified  pilots...

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