[ RadSafe ] Xe133 and Xe135

ROMANOWICH Larry(L) - BRUCE POWER larry.romanowich at brucepower.com
Tue Nov 13 11:13:41 CST 2012

Generally speaking the noble gases, Xe133 and Xe135 are considered submersion hazards, with negligible internal hazards.  ICRP 68 lists them as SR-0.  In spite of that it has been long known that there is a small component that can be attached to the fatty tissues when inhaled.  I see there were a few early attempts to compute internal doses from Xenon in Technical papers, HP Vol 38 by Howard and Sommers 1979, and Journal of Nuclear Medicine,1977 by Susskind et al.  Has anyone got (can you forward to me) more current dose coefficients for the inhalation of these isotopes of Xenon or other more recent technical papers?

Larry Romanowich
HP Dosimetry 
Bruce Power

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