[ RadSafe ] Mars Radiation Won't Harm Astronauts, Curiosity Rover Finds

Franz Schönhofer franz.schoenhofer at chello.at
Sun Nov 18 08:56:44 CST 2012


What a nice thought to travel and live on Mars in 400 years when I will be
468 years old! Nice to send all those billion starving people to Mars for a
better future! What an impetus for the industry to construct all these space
ship and especially the infrastructure!

Were you joking?

I think that there are more important and urgent problems on this tiny 
planet than settling on
Mars. (Irony off.)


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Good news for those aspiring to go the distance...hopefully Dr. Hassler's
scientific report will be publicly available soon.  Or is it already

_Mars  Radiation Won't Harm Astronauts, Curiosity Rover Finds_

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