[ RadSafe ] OT: More on F35 Jet

Joseph Preisig jpreisig at aol.com
Thu Nov 29 12:02:34 CST 2012

Dear Radsafe:

     Hey All.

     google f35 and jet

     The f35 jet flies like a jet and can take-off like a helicopter/harrier jet.  Actually it seems to be
a rudimentary flying saucer type vehicle.  Perhaps later versions of this jet can be augmented with 
sets of thrusters (NASA Variety) as a hybrid propulsion system, and the jet could be used to
transport astronauts and light loads of supplies to the International Space Station, on a regular
basis.  No more messy chemical rocket launches????

     Well, I guess we'll still need heavy launches (using chemical rockets) for very heavy loads,
and perhaps for lifting a Mars Space Vehicle into Space.

     I expect a heavier version of the F35 could have 4 to 10 vertical jets and/or thrusters, and would
lift heavier loads into space.

     See also web information about the NASA/DOD/DOE spacejet which takes off conventionally.

     I expect the F35 could take off from a non-Carrier ship, with a small landing deck.  How Cool.

     Chinese are just now landing jets on an aircraft carrier surface.  A relevant USA guidance system
for doing this is CAINS (Carrier Aircraft Inertial Navigation System) --- a product of Singer/Kearfott
USA.  Don't know if more information is available on the internet about CAINS.  I suspect it consists 
of at least 2 Ring Laser Gyro and Accelerometer systems --- one on the aircraft and one on the aircraft carrier.
Maybe it also uses the Singer/Kearfott SAHRS system (Standard Attitude and Heading Reference System???).
Hi to Bill S. and Al P. at Singer-Kearfott/Astronautics????!!!!  Guess the Chinese did their homework on
the internet.  We keep educating both varieties of Chinese students and they are coming to the USA in

     Maybe one day I will encounter a copy of Cember's Health Physics or Patterson and Thomas's
Accelerator Health Physics printed in paperback by Chinese printing companies.  I have seen
copies of J.D. Jackson's Electrodynamics book (graduate level) as a Chinese paperback.

    Mars is getting closer and closer, every day!!!!

    Take Care... Joe Preisig


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