[ RadSafe ] Highly Hyped Claims-HiroshimaUniv . Historian: Don’t believe Tepco’s lies — Fukushima meltdowns caused by quake not tsuna mi(Videos)

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Roger et al.,

I wrote some time ago the question, why we scientists and specialists should be forced every day several times to react to the most crazy, unconfirmed, unscientific and silly claims of uneducated  "jerks" (there were  several other expressions avalaible at my dictionary!) Where is our professional pride? Do we really have to be ridiculed by such "persons"? Why not simply answer that these
claims are pure nonsense? Why do we have to explain every detail to stubborn antinucleat "activists" (I hate this word!)? Who pays our
lost time?

I have also suggested that those people have a psychological or even psychiatric problem (paranoia). I stand for my opinion.

I have not received any reply. Obviously nobody dared to comment frankly about his (her) opinioin. 

Roger, to be frank, for such messages ít would be sufficient to answer with "BS"!!!! Or with the well known Latin citation
"Quo usque tandem abuteris patientiam nostram?"


---- Roger Helbig <rwhelbig at gmail.com> schrieb:
> Remember, if it is on YouTube, it has to be true; the power of the
> video camera conquers all - are there any Japanese members on RADSAFE?
>  This claim of massive radiation release prior to the tsunami has very
> little credibility, but we have a "historian" who sounds like they are
> not Japanese so probably an activist from US, UK or Australia, who has
> documented this and thus it has to be true.
> Roger Helbig
> If there are any of you with special skills on the net, I sure would
> like to know who ENENews really is and where they get their funding -
> their news coverage is uniformly bleakly gloom and doom anti-nuclear
> and they never bother to check to see if any of it is fact - that
> seems to be completely immaterial -  I see that Arclight2011 (he has
> YouTube channel, but is too cowardly to identify himself as a real
> human being; real people are accountable for what they post, imaginary
> ones are not) has posted this
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> believe Tepco’s lies — Fukushima meltdowns caused by quake not tsunami
> (Videos)
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> arclight2011 posted:
> "http://enenews.com/hiroshima-univ-historian-dont-believe-tepcos-lies-fukushima-meltdowns-caused-quake-tsunami-white-smoke-loss-coolant-radiation-spike-collapsed-walls-all-before-wave-hit-videoPublished:
> October 6th, 2012 at 1:15 am ET By ENENewsHiroshim"
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> Must see!! Hiroshima Univ. Historian: Don’t believe Tepco’s lies —
> Fukushima meltdowns caused by quake not tsunami (Videos)
> by arclight2011
> http://enenews.com/hiroshima-univ-historian-dont-believe-tepcos-lies-fukushima-meltdowns-caused-quake-tsunami-white-smoke-loss-coolant-radiation-spike-collapsed-walls-all-before-wave-hit-video
> Published: October 6th, 2012 at 1:15 am ET
> By ENENews
> Hiroshima University Historian Robert Jacobs
> Uploaded: Oct. 2, 2012
> h/t SimplyInfo
> Breakdown from Mack (enenews poster)
> – Earthquake. Not tsunami.
> – Particularly Unit 1 released a lot of radiation before tsunami hit.
> – Ex-Tepco worker: "I personally saw pipes that came apart…"
> – 5 minutes before tsunami flooded the plants, radiation alarm went off.
> – Much damage to cooling system before tsunami.
> arclight2011 | October 6, 2012 at 8:52 am | URL: http://wp.me/phgse-80P
> http://nuclear-news.net/2012/10/06/must-see-hiroshima-univ-historian-dont-believe-tepcos-lies-fukushima-meltdowns-caused-by-quake-not-tsunami-videos/
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