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Hello Joe,

The Avro Flying Saucer, was designed by Avro Canada (Malton, Ontario 
-  now part of the Greater Toronto Area) in late 1957. In 1958, the 
project received funding from the US Army and USAF. The "saucer" 
never operated in more than ground-effect mode, in essence, it was a 
hovercraft. I believe one may be on display in the Smithsonian.

Around the same period of time, Avro was developing the Avro Arrow - 
a supersonic interceptor. In 1958 the aircraft reached an altitude of 
50,000 feet, travelling slightly in excess of Mach 1.5. Alas, the 
Canadian Federal Government at the time, cancelled the Arrow program 
in 1959, resulting in approx. 29,000 engineers, technicians, and 
tradespeople losing their jobs (many were later employed by NASA, 
Boeing, Grumman, General Dynamics, Northrop, etc.).

A departure from radiation safety, but amazing what was done with old 

Michael LaFontaine

At 06:18 PM 10/10/2012, JPreisig at aol.com wrote:
>Dear Radsafe and Maury and Dog,
>      If you google   flying  saucer   you should be able to find a
>Huffington Post article on  the
>old USA Avro Flying Saucer test vehicle.  The article has a  downloadable
>video of the flying saucer
>flying just above the ground.  This was done with old  technology.  Wonder
>what could be done
>     Take Care...   Regards,     Joseph R. (Joe) Preisig
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Michael LaFontaine, P. Phys.  

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