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Theo Richel theo at richel.org
Wed Oct 17 09:59:11 CDT 2012

All right so I have read the literature on LNT and hormesis and all that and I have decided that the benefits of low level radiation exceed the risks. Of course I do not know whether that works on my individual level but I decided that it is time to try it out and  increase my exposure to, 100 milliSievert a year, possibly spread over multiple doses. Does anyone here have some practical advise how to realize that?

I know about Japanese gadgets like ceramic eggs ventilating radon or clothes with radium enriched threads. But on the Japanese site I can find nothing on  the quantity of radiation they produce (and I suspect that the Dutch government will have its own ideas on my importing these things).
I could  go to a radon spa, but I just read that the personnel in a Greek spa (Ikaria) the personnel receives 35 milliSievert per year. So I would need to change my job and emigrate which I do not want. And it still is far from the 100 milliSievert I 'need'.
I know that professor Luckey has a lump of ore in his home which irradiates him constantly (even to the point of burning him slightly he says). Het couldn’t tell me about the dose he received that way, he wasn’t interested in that. U do not know much of the equipment that is used for radiotherapy, but I suppose it is tuned to give a highly focused high dose, whereas for my purposes whole body low doses seems more appropriate. But possibly radiologists have been thinking about this.

Of course I am aware of the legal barriers, but I am willing to confront them, first I want to explore the practical side of this.

So I'd love to get in touch with people who have given this issue some thought. You can also pm me at theo at richel.org .


Theo Richel

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